Daycare, Boarding and Training

At KLDT Pet Services, we strive for a positive experience for both you and your pets. We are a group of zoophilists who love animals. Your pet’s health and safety is our top priority. Rest assured, we will take good care of them! However, that aside, there are no guarantees and things happen beyond our control. So here we are. By engaging in our services, you agree to our terms and condition as stated below:

  1. Bookings are mandatory for both daycare and boarding services. If our services are fully booked, your pet will not be able to enter.
  2. Full payment is required upon confirmation and it needs to be paid before you arrive at our premises if you’ve booked online or via any communication channels such as but not limited to WhatsApp, iMessage etc.
  3. Payment can be made via online transfer.
  4. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances once payment is made. However, it may be exchanged for store credit at our discretion.
  5. Clients must advise of any change to their contact details.
  6. Latest check in/out time for boarding is 6.00pm on weekdays & weekends/public holidays.
  7. All owners are required to follow our opening and closing times. Late charges will be incurred at the rate of RM15 per 30 minutes if you fail to pick up your dog within our closing time. Any check in/out past 8pm will be considered 1 more night stay.
  8. All pets must be checked-in in clean condition.
  9. Bath and grooming services are not available until further notice. We recommend but do not insist that you send your pet to the groomers after daycare, boarding or training at our premises.
  10. All dogs must arrive on leash wearing a collar upon entering our premises.
  11. We will evaluate your dog prior to acceptance. We will accept your pet once we’ve determined that your pet is not dangerous to us, our staff, our clients and all of the other pets at our premises. We reserve the right to refuse service if your pet is deemed unsafe or aggressive at our discretion.
  12. We reserve the right to reject your pet if they show any signs of sickness, fleas and ticks, injuries, aggressive behaviour or if it is not up to date with vaccination or for any reason that we may deem fit.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse our services mid way even after payment has been made and your pet is at our premises if your pet suddenly decides to be aggressive and harmful towards any staff and other pets even after our evaluation.
  14. Food is to be provided by owner. You may purchase food from our shop if preferred but it is highly recommended that their regular food is fed during their stay here to prevent any possible complications from the sudden change of diet.
  15. We will not be held liable for any loss or damage to any personal items belonging to you or your pet.
  16. Your pet is lawfully owned by you and has all necessary up-to-date vaccinations and medications required. You will need to provide your pet’s medical/vaccination card for checking.
  17. If your pet is not up-to-date with any necessary medications upon arrival for heart worm and fleas/ticks, you are required to purchase the treatment from us and your pet can only enter once the medication has been taken (subject to approval by us).
  18. Pets with anything contagious such as but not limited to eg: canine cough, conjunctivitis etc will not be allowed to enter our premises. If you bring your contagious pet into our premises, we reserve the right to hold you accountable if any issues occur to other clients’ pets.
  19. Your pet must be free of any contagious disease within 30 days before daycare/boarding.
  20. Female dogs on heat will not be allowed to participate in playtime.
  21. If a dog requires medication for conditions such as epilepsy, joint problems etc. the owner must supply the medication with directions of use.
  22. Your pet may come into contact with other pets during their stay (daycare, boarding or training) with us. In the unlikely event that your pet is injured by another pet, you will not hold us responsible for any injury and loss. If your pet injures another pet and/or any person, you will be solely responsible for any injury and loss to either or both pets and/or person.
  23. You agree that if your pet attacks, or is involved in a fight with another pet (and /or person) causing injury to that pet (and /or person), you will be responsible for any losses incurred as a result including, but not limited to, payment of veterinary fees in respect of injuries to another animal caused by your pet and payment of hospital/clinic fees in respect of injuries to another person.
  24. If your pet has damaged any of our items such as but not limited to toys, cages, crates, beds, food bowls, pillows, potty trays, furniture, carpets etc, you will be held solely responsible for the costs and charges.
  25. If your pet shall at any time during daycare/boarding appear to us to require any medical attention for any reason whatsoever, we will contact you immediately but if you are not available, you hereby authorise us to engage at your cost and expense the services of the veterinarian.
  26. You will not hold us responsible for any loss to you or your pet due, but not limited, to weight loss, rough hair, fleas, ticks, hot spots, otitis, conjunctivitis, cough, diarrhoea, canine influenza, parvo, chewing and/or eating parts of toys, blankets, beds, injuries, mishap, escape or lost of pet, seizures, death (sudden or otherwise).
  27. You authorize us at your cost and expense to treat your pet for any external parasites (such as fleas or ticks) if they are found on your pet upon arrival or during its stay with us (daycare and boarding).
  28. All fees and charges including any additional fees and charges for veterinary, medical, medicine, food and  any additional or ancillary services provided by us shall be paid and satisfied in full before your pet leaves our shop.
  29. If you fail to pick up your pet within seven (7) days of the agreed check out date, your pet will be considered abandoned by you and you hereby authorise us and we shall be entitled to deal with your pet in any manner deemed fit by us including but not limited to selling your pet or putting it up for adoption but that shall not relieve you of your financial obligations.
  30. Dogs will only be handed to the authorized person/s whose name/s appear/s on the registration form or the first person who has initially contacted us via face to face or any communication channels such as but not limited to Whatsapp, Telegram, LINE, iMessage etc. An exception to this rule will only apply if prior written notice is given by the owner to our staff stating the full name and phone number of the person permitted to pick up the owner’s dog. Identification will be required before any dog is handed over to any 3rd party.
  31. We will not be held liable if your dog did not manage to learn/do what was agreed upon or live up to your expectations after the agreed amount of sessions/packages as some dogs learn quickly, some slowly, and some learn at different rates depending on many factors including but not limited to their age, breed, mood, interest, distractions etc.
  32. If we are not informed of a cancellation/appointment reschedule 24 hours before the scheduled booking time, the session will be forfeited.